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Introducing Our Firm

All kinds of businesses are valued for all kinds of reasons for over 35 years.

You'll enjoy that I fight through the big pile of paperwork for you. Nobody should have to experience that kind of hassle.

Call (513) 266-3226 Now. You are welcome to ask anything. 

Download a PDF of Overview of Our Valuation Services

You will want to download the firm's CBA Organization Chart to understand our broad capabilities for the listed services.   

Reasons for a valuation are like snowflakes. I get that your situation actually is different. I have helped many people like you set what the business is worth. Then use the number to move forward. 

  • Facing the challenges of divorce. You can have a fair company value that smooths negotiations.
  • Want to Sell and Exit Happy? You'll learn how you can sell your business for 150% more on average.
  • I find and fix hidden value problems. I give you simple ways to increase your profits and selling price.
  • You will know what the company's worth, exactly what is driving the value, and why.
  • You get a number that makes sense in a useful report.

You are welcome to ask anything. I will listen to gather your important tipping-point facts. I want you comfortable and confident in your choices.

When you want to learn more call (513) 266-3226 or e-mail questions to [email protected].

Business Valuation Fees

My fee for your work is fair, set and paid before work begins. My work is timely, and will meet your described purpose. We have a flexible service scale to meet everyone's budget. 

How much will it cost you if you negotiate a bad deal?

Your valuation analysis needs to match your money at risk. You'll discover over 50 personally beneficial reasons to value a company and their assets.
While the value number is the result, the why for the number is what makes the money difference for you.
Our service and fees fit how you will use our work. You will know the answers to your valuation process questions, and your fee before we start the process.

Your project fee depends on the complexity of the business and purpose for the valuation. Some of the valuation complexity indicators are the:

  • historical sales level, financial performance, and tax circumstances
  • types and kinds of tangible and intangible assets, and liabilities
  • industry and niche, conditions, sophistication, regulation, and outlook
  • target market demographics, competition, accessibility and change trends
  • ownership of customer relationships, and quality of location(s)
  • number and skills of employees, and staffing requirements and challenges,
  • and the sold market ranking for similar companies, and your transaction history.

I research these factors, and more, and then we carefully discuss them before setting the fee. Your invoice includes a detailed description of your selected service, purpose and scope. If the described service in our invoice does not meet your desires, send us a note on why before making payment. Based on our discussion, the valuator will correct the service description, adjust the fee when appropriate, and send a new invoice for your approval.

You, as the client by paying the fee in full, accept the service description’s accuracy in the invoice, agree to the terms, conditions, and limitations in the firm’s brochure, and acknowledge receiving the firm’s brochure with a current fee scale. You authorize the purpose for your work when you pay the invoice.  

An Observation on Fees

"It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little.
When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that is all.
When you pay too little you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.
The common law of business balance prohibits paying too little and getting a lot - it cannot be done.
If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better."

John Ruskin (1819-1900) British Author, Artist, Essayist and Critic

No one can be an expert in every area. The firm does not do any valuations for "fair value" financial reporting under IRC 409, SFAS or B, 123R, 141R, 142, 157, 160R, and 123R, ESOP, FASB, SEC, purchase price allocation, business combination, impairment analysis, or other similar or related analyses. See the firm's brochure. We do have individuals and firms to refer you to depending on your location. Please call.
Our valuation work is balanced over: Divorce and Dispute Valuation; Transaction Valuations and Negotiations; and Estate Valuations.

You are welcome to ask anything. Here are some topics and articles available:

  • Are You Getting Good Business Valuation Help? 34 Reasons  for Our Clients
  • Technology Advantages Make Your Accuracy Difference
  • 2o Off - Business success comes down to a matter of only a few degrees.
  • Business Appraisal and Associated Analysis Services
  • Business Valuation Fees
  • Personal Services for Business Owners
  • Steps To Make More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life
  • How can you build an estate plan when you do not have a supportable value for your company? Remember you must past IRS tests.

Our five top appraisal strengths

are facts supporting your

1) industry's value and risk drivers,
2) hidden income and asset search,
3) goodwill and intellectual property,
4) tangible asset values,
and 5) most of all, proven valuation and business operating assessment tools.

You'll benefit from over 25 years of documented benchmarks that I use to set what professional service firms are worth. Most owner's sales are close to single digit millions.You know smaller firms work differently. I know how and why intellectual property and intangible assets make a value difference.

Now many service firm owners are looking to retire within the next 10 to 15 years. Where I help you: some owners have too much of their wealth concentrated in their firm and want to reduce that risk; to build your firm's value to retire better and sooner; and to shorten your workdays to enjoy more family time. Others need help: to maximize their firm's sales price, to find their deal's leverage points, or to get a fair divorce settlement value.

Beware of misleading valuation information on the internet.
You will find it more hazardous to your wealth than ignorance.
David Allen Dinsmore

When you call, I will tell you your firm's number one value driver, potentially your worst mistake, and answer everyone of your questions with straight talk. Know exactly what's driving your firm's value. CBA finds and values the process secrets.

See behind your company's value numbers.

Since 1988, the firm has provided objective valuations that are easy to understand and fair. Your valuation's independence promotes agreement and reduces conflict. You get a high confidence number that can shorten negotiations, support claims, and build strategic planning.

The documented logical argument for value includes support for the "goodwill" value that is critical whether worth thousands of dollars or zero, and no matter what kind of goodwill: professional or entity. In addition, you will enjoy proven procedures that make gathering valuation facts easier and faster. Many clients mention the added personal benefit of learning more about what drives their company's value, and what's not.

Proven methods are used to set a company's worth for

  • fair settlements in divorce and other disputes,
  • estate tax savings for your heirs,
  • and, maximizing sales price and deal-leverage for buyers and sellers.

Where clients come from, professional service firm owners facing life-changing events where a trust is critical such as:

Divorce, partner and shareholder disputes, pending or current retirement challenges, and inheritance or loss of a family member
Sale of company or practice, or other large asset
Desire to simplify and to reduce the time requirements for their business and money managing chores

Better matching personal needs to business ownership and work commitments
Diversification of wealth concentration in business holdings

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You lead an active and complex life. You know how managing your money is now more complex and time-consuming than ever before. Today's economy makes getting good help a top goal. You will enjoy working with a specialized professional to give you a higher comfort level by leveraging sophisticated cutting-edge technology. Our joint approach to building and preserving wealth should include coordinating your planning with tax, legal and other financial professionals. You will discover easy access to a disciplined approach to solving your money questions to make smarter decisions.

You`ll discover that our firm has been making a difference by providing objective and independent financial analysis for Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky divorce and transactions. Since 1988

Firm Background and Services

Established by David A. Dinsmore,BCBA,CFP,RFC the firm provides both business and personal financial analysis and strategic advice to professional service firm owners. We provide you with the technical expertise to make intelligent decisions.

You`ll benefit from over 30 years of experience and specialized education to use proven methods that create savvy financial solutions.

Who we work with. Financial (CFP, RIA, CPA, Insurance, Attorneys, & Bankers), medical and dental practices, coaches and consultants, technology and other engineers, architects, recreation sports, restaurants, etc. are some of the professional service focused firms who use our services.

e-Mail [email protected]

Want to go deeper now? Call (513) 266-3226. You can know your best, next step for free. We will talk with you about why we are your best choice and have the right skills to reach your goals.

Your initial interview sets your best, next step.Time-tested questions to zero in on your niche' risk and value drivers. This saves time setting your company's worth, whatever your reason.

The following is a list of services all based on our specialized skills and experience in business valuation. Also, you should visit the "business appraisal, FAQ" page for more service details.

  • Deal Strategic Guidance and Negotiation Support
  • Market Expansion Feasibility Consulting
  • Goodwill Identification, Measurement, and Bifurcation into Personal/Professional and Enterprise/Entity
  • Business Valuation for: Buy/Sell Agreements; Divorce, Partner, Minority
  • Shareholder/Owners, and Other Disputes; Economic Damages
  • Premarital & Estate Planning; Mergers and Acquisitions, M&A; and Retirement
  • Exit Plans
  • Business Asset Inventory and Valuation of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, FFE
  • Value Visioneering: How to Build the Value of Your Business, Sell for the Highest
  • Price, and To Whom
  • How to Price and Present a Company to Sell Quickly
  • How to Find, Value, Negotiate and Buy a Business
  • Valuation Litigation, Mediation, and Binding Arbitration Support and Review for
  • Attorneys, Accountants and Other Allied Financial Professionals
  • Valuation Testimony, Research and Rationale Development
  • Business Continuation, Transition and Succession Planning
  • Equity split between partners
  • Deal Audit: Process, Agreement, Terms, and Structure
  • Intellectual Property and other intangible asset valuation and protection steps
  • Forensic Accounting for Divorce to Find Hidden Assets and Income
  • Financial Fraud Investigation to Uncover Employee and Other's Theft

Business Appraisal and Associated Analysis Services

You'll discover that there is one word that tells the value difference between having a business you can sell and one you can't. Our clients know the word.

Business valuation questions often bring personal financial questions. You will find the "exhibits" business library link, and calculators, articles, and newsletters for your personal financial planning.

Personal Services

Your personal finances are directly tied to your company`s success. When we work together you`ll see consideration of:

  • Premarital Financial Planning
  • Personal & Business Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning

Individuals, business owners and managers, and professional advisers in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio areas, you can find out more about how we can help you confidently build a successful strategy to reach your business and personal financial goals by calling (513) 266-3226.

You`ll discover that our website has a large number of potential uses for business and personal financial goals. However, if you don`t find the help or information you need, please e-mail us a note on what you are looking for and we`ll suggest some options. Several of our services can be provided entirely by e-mail.

Also, you may request our comprehensive firm brochure that contains a more detailed description of services and a curriculum vitae by calling. A no obligation initial interview is available to determine the suitability of our services for your financial analysis goals.

Thank you,


You can call 513-266-3226 for an initial consultation or e-mail questions.

Business Valuation Expert Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Hamilton, and Lebanon Ohio

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