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Your Useful Business Valuation Starts Here ...

Coordinating Personal and Business Wealth Management

How well is your business supporting your personal financial goals?

Live a rich life, not just get rich. Make your business and personal financial planning a happy process that transforms your results.
                                                         David A. Dinsmore, Director of Business Valuation

Your answer to "What kind of a business owner are you?" determines if you will retire with enough income to last a lifetime.

Every business owner wants a simplified financial planning process. One that confidently cares for you, your family, and your business. Make your big mistakes with small amounts of money.

The top money goal is to have the company smoothly yield more than a lifetime of income. Our job is to give you useful options to make better money decisions.

Coordinated business and personal goal reviews help do this job for you. The review maps your feelings on the top 38 business ownership challenges and 17 personal concerns in six areas each.

We can help you identify your top coordinating objectives in less than 20 minutes as part of your strategy mapping.

The review helps you get comfortable with a process to

before we offer options that clear the details confusion for more peace of mind. 

Our clients want an adviser process that invites effective actions to reach goals. This connection is the cornerstone of our success for clients.  We coordinate your wide array of financial planning goals.

The content areas in this Personal & Business menu are examples of global planning areas considered in your Strategic Wealth Coordination, SWCSM process that identifies your top coordinating objectives in less than 20 minutes as part of your strategy mapping.

Coordinating your personal wealth management goals with your business goals makes this sophisticated service specialized and a unique choice. You will discover 16 benefits business benefits before you exit. And, 59 more benefits when you sell. Our organization chart shows the firm’s comprehensive capacities to make a difference for you.

The Organization to Achieve Your Strategic Business and Personal Goals

Most business owners rely on the income generated by their company. This reliance often includes family members and employees. Many also have a high anxiety level associated with the threats to their income.

Over the years, we have developed an organization process that integrates sophisticated financial management with your selection and implementation of linked personal and business strategies to protect that income.

Examples of Strategic Wealth Coordination, SWCSM

  • Sell and Get Paid with Owner Deal Negotiation Leverage Options
  • Business Operating Risks with Personal Asset Protection
  • Exit and Succession Planning with Retirement Income Resources
  • Company Comp and Benefits with Personal Tax and Investment Plans
  • Business Value Trend with Sell and Retire, and Estate Planning Tactics
  • Business Continuation with Family Transition and Participation

For most deals, the buyer has the better negotiating position. The bargaining advantage can be yours with smart deal options.Your personal financial plans are coordinated with your business operations to accomplish the goals in both areas of your life.

We start the process with our structuring survey of your Current Personal and Business Goals. Our comprehensive list surprises many surveyed. The result shows planning areas for you to consider putting into sync.

You are welcome to call 513-266-3226 for more information. You can ask about a specific business area that you would like to mesh better with your personal plans.

If you own a business, you have problems that sometimes need expert. We have a specialist on our team that lives to fix that specific challenge. In your analysis, the other specialty areas check on your possible collateral concerns. That's our problem solving process. Let's talk about you today. Discover your Best Next-Step.

Please enjoy the website. If you do not find what you are looking for, send us an e-mail description. We have hundreds of articles, planning worksheets, infographics, and videos not on the site.

Balance Makes the Difference for Business Owner Champions

Strategic Wealth Coordination, SWCSM is also required to balance your business and personal wealth management process.

My mother taught me about systems early in life. When I would take a better approach to a job, she would always say, "Now that's the system."

Now I am building systems that bring success to coordinating business ownership with personal financial planning.

What kind of a legacy will you leave behind to your family and your business?

Business succession planning is your personal success process.” David A. Dinsmore.

Strategic Planning

8 Ways We Help Owners Build Company Success and Selling Price

  • Owner and leadership succession, transition, exit, and continuity
  • Controlled business ownership value extraction
  • Building business profit expansion and momentum
  • Strengthen net worth stability near-term and growth long-term
  • Government regulation, taxation, and other risks preparation
  • Developing engaged replacement Next-Gen leadership career paths
  • Company culture and values enhancement to protect the future
  • Marketing that works now, and continues to catch and keep quality
    customer relationships

          What do you do when your real estate is valued near or higher than your company is? This is how John started his succession planning discussion.
Owners are finding that sometimes the pieces are worth more than the whole. In John's case, he bought a location on what was just past the edge of town in 1997. Now, his location is half a mile from the new shopping mall area.
          We are seeing cases where owners bought real estate as wisely as they run their company. How do you handle the decision of asset allocation? We can help with alternatives

Retirement can last a very long time, today 30 or more years.

When planning your retirement consider your longevity and lifestyle condition analysis, a physical health age, not your chronological years you have been alive. The link is just one of many you can find and use.