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Cyber Crime Kills Small Businesses

Small Business Survival Risks

2019 Report: Hackers drawn more to businesses, less to consumers

A new report from Malwarebytes finds that fewer consumers are being targeted by hackers, who are instead turning toward businesses that provide access to more personal data, making corporate attacks more lucrative. Globally, cyberattacks on businesses rose 79 percent last year, while attacks on consumers dropped slightly.

CyberSecurity Small Business Survival Risks

  • Most cyber-crime hits small companies.
  •  The average costs of a hit are over $80,000.
  •  Over half close their doors forever in under a year.
  •  90% do not protect their most valuation assets. 

Cyber-crime destroys customer trust in you and your company. The loss of trust steals your company’s value and reduces selling price. Trust is very hard to regain.

Business buyers are sophisticated. How are you going to convince a buyer that someone hasn't stolen your client list or other valuable intangible assets?

Unprotected intellectual property, IP is a huge risk. This is why China's theft of IP is in the news. And, why we added the Cyber Security Review, CSRSM.

More and more experienced M&A dealmakers are discovering a cybersecurity problem after a deal has closed.
            58% in 2018 up from 40% in 2016

It’s no wonder dissatisfaction with cybersecurity due diligence is growing.
            49% in 2018 up from 3% in 2016

Most small businesses are using a WIFI firewall, antivirus and malware protection. That’s just not enough. You need a better process to be safe. Companies are missing a ‘firewall’ only 10% recognize.

Few business owners are taking the needed simple steps to protect their company, their job, and their personal and business financial security. 

What is your current Cyber Security Plan? No Plan or a Bad Plan, No Security.

You can reduce risk from 90% to less than 1% by focusing on two facts.

Your Cyber Security Review, CSRSM starts at just $500. In addition, you have the option for a site visit review. You are guaranteed to learn something.

Call 513-266-3226 to check out our process and your cyber-breach risk. CBA secures and tests our own cyber practices.