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Introducing Our People

Speakers Bureau

We enjoy the advancement of strategic planning for business owners, their management teams and family members, and their professional advisers.

With over thirty years of business valuation and succession planning experience, you'll discover talks that give you practical tools and tactics to

  • exit the business to a financially secure retirement,
  • protect personal and business wealth, 
  • and assure the survival of a lifetime of work.

To arrange for your firm's no fee private presentation or for a professional group, or to receive more information, please call David A. Dinsmore, CFP at (513) 266-3226 or e-mail You're welcome to suggest dates, times, and topics in advance. 

Imagine Your Peace of Mind Advantages Using Valuation Strategic Planning Principles

A Sampling of Programs and Presentations:

  • The Business Buyer's and Seller's Checklist, or What Data and Documents Do I Need to Value My Business
  • 16 Ways to Benefit from Exit Planning Long Before Leaving
  • 9 Exit Strategic Planning Questions to Get You Started
  • 10 Reasons why franchises have operating manuals, and why you should too.
  • Valuing Your Professional Practice
  • Business Continuation for Professional Practices
  • Family Business Continuation, A Valuation Case Study
  • Estate Planning for Professional Practitioners
  • Family Business Owner Transition and Wealth Preservation
  • The Top Reasons for Exit Strategic Planning Now, and the High Costs of Waiting
  • Growth Using Mergers and Acquisitions, M&A
  • Building Brand, Personal and Enterprise

Download an Overview of Our Valuation Services that has an expanded list.

Author: "Navigator Business Planner" and "Small Business Operations Audit"

I understand how it feels to negotiate a selling price on two of my own businesses. That's why I became a full-time business valuation expert. I help people get past the business finance frustration to make better money decisions.

I have specialized skills and expertise developed over 35 years of business valuation and strategic benchmarking experience in financial and professional services industries. I know your industry's risk and value drivers.

I have clearly and simply communicated with trusted integrity in litigation testimony how to value a business for clients, attorneys, and courts in in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area Ohio (and many other states).

My business valuations supply technical expertise supporting equitable distribution in divorce, partner disputes, and how to sell and exit your business.

"I testify in court to my conclusions. Whatever your reason for a valuation, this makes a difference for you."

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For a complimentary valuation goal analysis, please call 513-266-3226, you are welcome to ask anything and know your best, next step.