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Your Useful Business Valuation Starts Here ...

Planning a Start-Up or In the Early Stages

Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

An initial step in starting a business is organizing your process to run the company at a profit.

Your operating plan works out the kinks on how you get things done to make money.

Because you are here, you may have never started a business. You are probably finding out that there are literally hundreds of details to consider. You may be missing some critical items.

The Red Tape you have read about slows small business success more today than ever before.

CBA understands the Start-Up steps and will help you fill in the procedure blanks. Make your big mistakes with small amounts of money.

We start with a list of what you have done so far. In addition, you can provide us with copies of any related documents or filings for us to review with you.

As you prepare the information and documents, you are welcome to call for some help.

The Start-up Review Service, SRSSM is just $250 no matter your firm’s size.

At your review, we will discuss your Best Next-StepSM to be better organized.

Contact Us. Ask questions or tell us to would like to start the SRSSM. You will be glad you did. We do the same for Expansion Testing, ETSM and for every other business goal.