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What We Believe

  • Diligent, professionally competent, fair and accurate financial analysis valuation for clients.
  • Every firm's value comes from their secret special ways of doing business, Intellectual Property, IP.
  • Know their secrets know their value, no secrets no value.
  • CBA finds, protects, and values company secrets.
  • I believe that the valuation process will answer every business question you have, or will ever have.
  • Valuation answers WHY others place emotional and financial value on why, how and what you do.
  • When you understand WHY your company is worth X, suddenly your company is worth X plus Y. You now understand WHY you have value.
  • Understanding your WHY, leads you to create more WHY naturally because your valuation process thoughts continue to drive improving your actions. David A. Dinsmore, CFP

Check out our Director's CBA Dinsmore BioBrief Standards Ethics for more background details.

Business Valuation Expert Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and most other states.
How I keep up to date on valuation topics.

Annual continuing education requires 40 hours for professional memberships. Individual projects often dictate unique research studies. Valuation publications, newsletters, and books bring new ideas and build valuation best management practices. These sources are used build the strengths of valuation report formats and the firm's library of resources. Recent books include: Purchase and Sale of a Business; Cashing Out of Your Business; A Reviewer's Handbook to Business Valuation by Hood and Lee, Wiley & Sons; and How to Keep Score in Business by Follett, Alpine Guild.

You will enjoy working exclusively with me, the firm's principle appraiser, David A. Dinsmore.

No support staff or interns have access to your documents or valuation. Your one contact promotes clear communication. You define your report centered on your goals. Then we will sit down and lay out a solution. And, I will show you precisely how the process worked for other service firms just like yours. With a fixed fee for most projects, there will be no cost over-runs.

What I Don't Do

I don't do taxes, no bookkeeping, no investment sales, no auditing, no controllership, or the host of other accounting things. I am not a CPA, accountant, historian, or a business broker. While I could do these things (and have done most), they would distract from what I do and do best. And that's valuing professional service firms.

Get to Know Me Better

Call to request my resume confirming my education, unique experience, and valuation focused work history since 1979. As an appraiser for all these years, I see unique firms with new problems. My difference, I have proven procedures to quickly give you the answers to make smarter calls.

Mr. David A. Dinsmore, BCBA,CFP,RBC/RFC is the firm`s founder. His successful work, professional credentials, and objective financial analysis approach have established him in the financial analysis field with experience going back to 1978.

You can request Mr. Dinsmore's firm brochure and/or CV by telephone at 513-266-3226. e-Mail [email protected]

Mr. Dinsmore has been active in the industry`s advanced educational programs. He is a graduate of the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado, holding the professional license of " Certified Financial Planner, CFP" and the professional designation of " Registered Financial Consultant, RFC" from the International Association of Professional Financial Consultants.

Broader Discussion

When a relationship ends in a DIVORCE, partner or another dispute, it can bring complex conflict and costly surprises without expert help to understand your valuation needs, and your personal and business financial risks.

Also, when there are higher financial risks for settlement and litigation, you find the possible need for testimony with sound forensic skills. Get advice and set a plan early. Click the "Contact Us" above right for your FREE resource List of Your Needed Business Data and Documents, they will help you learn what is fair.

Certified Financial Planner, CFP

Education, examination, experience and an ethics declaration are required. Over 100 financial planning topic categories and many more subcategories are covered in the CFP course work. Over one-half of the topics cover important business valuation topics. Please call for a complete copy of the topics.

CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER are certification marks owned by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. These marks are awarded to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements.

Mr. Dinsmore also holds a BCBA, Board Certified Business Appraiser. This highly specialized professional designation from the National Society of Appraiser Specialists attests to his completion of the business valuation education program, passage of the proctored written examination on business appraisal, demonstration of valuation skills in a board reviewed business valuation report, and his acceptance of the association's code of ethics.

Go to the link and search by last name Dinsmore will bring up David Dinsmore's membership data.

Privacy Statement : No non-public information is disclosed about current or former clients to anyone, accept as instructed by clients or permitted or required by law.

Mr. Dinsmore has consulted on business valuation since his entry into financial planning in 1978. A significant portion of his required annual 40 hours of continuing education programs focus on business goodwill valuation, forensic financial investigation, and planning with the balance on personal financial planning.

  • Beware of misleading business valuation information on the internet.
  • You will find it more hazardous to your wealth than ignorance.

David Allen Dinsmore
Mr. Dinsmore has provided:

  • Business valuation expert testimony for Ohio divorces in the Common Pleas Courts of Butler and Warren Counties in Ohio, Domestic Relations
  • Division, and prepared many for use in Hamilton and Clermont Counties in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and other states .
  • Critique of opposing valuation expert analysis of goodwill
  • Reasonability of settlement offers and transaction prices
  • Cross-examination question development
  • Forensic accounting to find hidden assets and income

You may request a complete copy of the firm`s brochure by e-mail [email protected] by clicking on the " CONTACT" button at the top right or the " request information" under " Other Resources" at the left or by calling (513) 266-3226.

CFPTM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and are certification marks owned by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. These marks are awarded to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board`s initial and ongoing certification requirements.

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